Easy-to-use ready mixes for tableting. Tailor-made & easy to use.

Direct compression – easy & fast. For years it has been apparent that direct compression of oral dosage forms is becoming increasingly popular. New technologies and excipients make it possible to simplify this production stage. Some wet granulation products can now easily be converted to direct tableting.

The success of a perfect direct compressed tablet depends on the amounts of active ingredients as well as excipients in the tablet mixture, their different particle sizes, flow and compression properties and sensitivities to moisture.

Ultimately, the hardness of the tablets must be strong enough to exhibit a low degree of fragility. Thus, bursts at the band height and dust formation during further processing can be avoided. Nevertheless, the tablet should be easily divisible if it has a break notch. If retardation is desired, it should not miss the desired release profile.

Our excipient blends for direct tableting are tailored to these properties. Therefore, they specifically affect the property that is to be improved, adjusted or eliminated. Our innovative tableting excipients help replace other undesirable excipients.

Ready-to-use. Simply add 0.5 – 10 % of our binders and lubricants to the tablet mass and mix.

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