CompactCel® MAB – Moisture Absorbent


CompactCel® MAB is dry powder blend with superior oil and humidity absorbing properties to transfer oily substances in powder and control humidity in your blends. Suitable for powder, sachet, tablet and capsule formulas.


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Easy oil absorption or humidity control in your powder blend? Why not!

The ingredient premix CompactCel® MAB provides an oil and moisture holding capacity and prevents clumping of your powder blend.

CompactCel® MAB product information:

  •  The homogeneous dry powder product controls humidity related issues in formulas or absorbs oily substances (like CBD oil) into free flowing powder.
  • Moisture absorbent: Dry compound of additives for less problems due to humidity in the powder blend. Superior moisture absorbent properties to prevent clumping of the powder before and during the tableting or capsule filling process. Acts loosening and improves the flowability of the blend.
  • Oil absorbent: Dry compound of additives for oil absorbent. The high absorbent properties are used to make oily substances suitable for the tableting or capsule filling process. Prevents clumping of the powder oil blend.
  • Depending on project requirements the formulation can be based on synthetic ingredients or natural/organic food raw materials (silica free, for clean label).

Regulatory and quality aspects:

  • All CompactCel® formulations can be used for pharmaceutical products and for nutritional or dietary supplements.


  • Pharma | Food

Download: CompactCel® MAB brochure

MAB - Moisture/Oil absorbent

The mixture acts as a decompaction dry binder.