"What really blew me away was the ability to make the process so much faster and easier. And the result was great. "
Dr. Raphael Janousek
Application engineer


We are manufacturer of special powder preparations for film coating, sugar coating, coloring, tableting, clean labeling and a lot more.

Research & Development

We analyze the current problem of your product and develop new solutions based on it. We analyze reference tablets. We do color development.

Since 1999

Since 1999, BIOGRUND has been developing and producing special powder preparations for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Always easy, fast and reliable.


Do you have formulation problems? Reformulation? Or a whole new product formualtion? We can help you.


We support all kind of innovations. We help you formulate & produce your special cosmetic product, nutracuetical or pharmaceutical product or any other.

Our Experience

We have worked with very different companies on very different products. From typical tablet or capsule to lipstick, tea balls or dishwasher tabs & more. In very small and very large quantities. Everything is possible.

Choose your sample

It has never been easier to create an excellent product finish.