CompactCel® – Natural Dry Binder


The ready-to-use dry binder premix CompactCel® (natural/organic) for direct compression is based on fine selected natural or organic ingredients. It supports clean label strategies for nutritional products (e.g. HPC or PVP replacement).

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Product contains: 400 g

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CompactCel® – the clean label dry binder, free of synthetics, natural/organic

Product information:

  • Based on fine selected natural ingredients, this dry binder premix for direct compression supports clean label strategies for nutritional products. By using this premix compound, typical tableting excipients like Hydroxypropyl cellulose or Polyvinylpyrrolidone can be replaced in the core formulation.
  • CompactCel® is also available in some formulations which are certified with the USDA- and EU-label for organic food. Therefore, it is well suited for organic nutritional supplements. The mix of selected organic ingredients increases the hardness and improves the friability of the tablet as well as the compaction.

Regulatory and quality aspects:

  • All CompactCel® formulations can be used for pharmaceutical products and for nutritional or dietary supplements.


  • Food

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Based on fine selected natural ingredients.