CompactCel® TC – Taste covering


Neutralizing agent for bad tasting actives. The easy-to-use powder compound masks undesired tastes in the tablet mass and is an effective solution to neutralize poor tastes in uncoated tablets. Formulation components can be customized modified.
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Product contains: 400 g

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Neutralizing agent for bad tasting actives? Why not!

CompactCel® TC – Taste covering

Product information:

  • Dry binder with taste covering properties, an easy to use tableting agent.
  • CompactCel® TC provides an easy to use and homogeneous compound of several sugar alcohols and cellulose fibers, which acts as a perfect taste masking dry binder.

Regulatory and quality aspects:

  • All CompactCel® formulations can be used for pharmaceutical products and for nutritional or dietary supplements.


  • P | F

Download: CompactCel® TC brochure.

TC - Taste Covering

A perfect taste masking dry binder.