Film Coating

Easy-to-use ready mixes for film coating. Tailor-made & ready-to-use.
All currently available film coatings for all kind of dosage forms. Such as tablets, mini tablets, hard/soft gelatine capsules, dragees, pellets, granules and particles.

  • Easy-to-use ready mixes for film coating. Tailor-made & ready-to-use systems for pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements.
  • Ready-to-use, dry powdered compounds (polymers, plasticizers and pigments homogeneously milled and deagglomerated) of the highest quality.
  • Clear, white or colored formulations. Color adjustment according to your wishes.
  • Ready-for-use within 45 min. Easily soluble in water or organic solvents.
  • Batch-to-batch consistency. High quality and reproducible coating results.

Functional and non-functional film coating:

A functional film coating is a coating that has a direct influence on the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) of the solid oral dosage form (e.g. tablet, capsule, granule or pellet).
Therefore non-functional film coating is not related to the API. It is also more for aesthetic, mechanical stability, marketing reasons (color) or easier intake (swallowability).

We can provide you with our know-how for your project

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Reasons for film coating:

  • Moisture Protection & Stabilization of the drug
  • Taste & Odor masking
  • Enteric Protection – modified / delayed release
  • Product / Tablet design

Finding the right film coating for your solid dosage form is not easy. But not impossible. Therefore, together we can select the coating that exactly matches your product.

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