IsuPolish® – Sugar-free sugar-coating


Ready-to-use compound; based on Isomalt, pigments and other selected excipients; providing sugar-free and accelerated process; first choice for smooth and glossy appearance.
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Product contains: 800 g

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Accelerate your sugar-coating – sugar-free! Why not?

IsuPolish® – Sugar-free sugar-coating.

Based on Isomalt, an easy-to-use sugar-coating compound, with improved drying properties.

IsuPolish® provides a sugar-free dragée which has a pure and natural taste. It is suitable for diabetics (because of its low glycemic and low insulinemic response) and its cario-static properties.

Regulatory and quality aspects:

  • All IsuPolish® formulations can be used for pharmaceutical products and for nutritional or dietary supplements.


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