High-quality raw materials for your product!

Carefully selected additives for your special requirements? Why not! Choosing the right raw material or excipient is one of the first and most important steps in a long manufacturing process. BIOGRUND supports you right from the start and helps you to maximize the chances of perfect formulation of solid oral dosage forms.

High-quality raw materials for your product:

  • Film formers (e.g. Hydoxypropylmethyl Cellulose | HPMC | Hypromellose)
  • Binder (e.g. NaCMC)
  • Tableting excipients (e.g. NaCMC | HPC | PVP)
  • Thickener (e.g. NaCMC | HPMC)
  • Plasticizer (e.g. glycerol)
  • Polishing agent (e.g. for tablets / sugar dragées, for excellent shine)
  • Anti-sticking (e.g. for soft gelatine capsules)
  • Pigments (natural, synthetic, iron oxides)

Are you in the development phase? Or do you only need a small amount of raw materials / excipients for some of your products?

We are just as specialized in these requirements as we are in larger production quantities.

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