Easy-to-use ready mixes for coloring. Tailor-made & ready-to-use.

Reasons for the coloring of your oral dosage forms:

  • Aesthetic reasons. Dietary supplements and cosmetics receive added value through color. Therefore, they are more attractive and positively influence our sensory perception and our subconscious.
  • Patient safety. Coloring drugs is an effective way to distinguish individual drugs more easily and to be able to recognize different dosages better.
  • Anti-counterfeiting. Give your products a special color, e.g. one that corresponds to your  corporate identity. However, thismakes your products more tamper-proof. In addition, you can print lettering or your company logo on the tablet surface.

Efficient, fast & reliable products? Why not!

Our product range covers a broad color spectrum. Depending on the choice of pigment or dye to be used, we will formulate your desired color for appropriate applications:

  • Coloring of suspensions, creams, gels, sugar solutions, chewing gum
  • Homogeneous coloring of tablet cores
  • Printing of tablet surfaces, dishes/plates, cheese wheels/loafs
    Our deagglomerated, homogeneous powder compositions or liquid dispersions always deliver reproducible results.

Challenge us! We can provide you with our know-how for your project:

Consulting | Development | Color adjustment | Spray & Stability Test | Tablet analysis | Formula change | Production | Documentation

Product Range: Pigment and dye milling, dispersions and printing ink

Want to color your tablet in your special color? Why not!

Coloring for a unique appearance of your products. Easy-to-use ready mixes for coloring.

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